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440g 300*500 18*12 light box cloth

  • Gram weight : 440g
  • Mesh : 300*500 18*12
  • Width : 1.0~5.0M
* Excellent ink absorption and strong color expression.
* Super tensile and impact resistance, long service life.
* High standard tensile strength and elasticity, strong operability.
* Good surface smoothness and gloss, anti-wear, anti-scaling, anti-mildew, easy to dry, strong self-cleaning.
* The surface can be treated with special treatments such as anti-UV, fire-proof, waterproof and anti-freeze.
* Suitable for all kinds of soluble inkjet printers.

Products can be customized, please contact the salesman for details!

 project data unit Inspection standards
Kib  300*500 Denier/DTEX DIN EN ISO2060
specification  18*12 Denier/DTEX DIN60001
Weight  440 gsm DIN53352 BS3424 method5A
Tensile Strength  700 N/5CM DIN53354 BS3424method6A
Tear strength  110 N/5CM DIN53356 BS3424method7A
Peel bonding strength  60 N/5CM DIN53357 BS3425 method9B
Door width 1.02—5.10 Meter
proper temperature -30—70 °C DIN53357 BS3425 method10
Anti-UV can
Surface treatment 3555(Acrylic), 3483(Acrylic), 7584(PVDF)
Fire Standard M2 (France), DIN75200-B1 (Germany), NFPA701 (USA)
Environmental standards EN-71, RoHs, REACH
Other standards
Other specification products 340g 200*300 18*12
440g 300*500 18*12
440g 500*500 9*9
510g 1000*1000 12*12 etc.
Indoor and outdoor billboards, booth boards, digital inkjet pictures, etc.


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