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About Archillumi

Archillumi was founded by a strong team with professional facade lighting experience, 60% of our team members worked on outdoor facade lighting for more than ten years. And we aimed at providing more flexible, faster and more professional intelligent facade lighting product, solutions and services. And adopted most strict standards for product development, manufacturing and quality control, to make sure optimal product is provided to our customers.

The major products have LED dot lightlinear lightLED neon flexwall washer lightflood light and window light. aimed at architectural facade lighting project. And we work on media facade lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting and city lighting. Our Facade lighting projects cover hotel, bridge, tower, landmarks, gym, landscape, government building, museum, shopping mall, office building, etc.

Also, we feel very proud to work with many global lighting customers, which include professional lighting designer, lighting consultant, the engineering company, construction company, lighting brand, etc. And many excellent facade lighting cases have been completed.

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