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About GVS

Established in 1999, Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent Corp, Ltd (Stock code: 870976) has been devoting itself in Smart Security, Smart Building, Smart Home and Smart Medical Care industries. Based on the big data, cloud service and AI technology, GVS aims to provide its valuable customer with “one-stop IoT technology platform” and building automation, home automation, smart intercom products and services. With “Connect the world and create value” as its obligation, GVS now is focusing on “innovate to improve our life” and going to cast itself into a most valuable smart IoT service provider.

 In 2018, GVS Group combine with years of experience of the business logic of industry, life scenes and professional fields. Based on core technologies and experience, it has launched the core of smart medical care and pension industry products and solutions with the goal of “building, enhance and improving”. 

 On the basis of the main business channel formed by the three sectors of smart security, smart building, smart medical care and old-age care. We provide professional IoT intelligent services for domestic and foreign customers by variety solutions of video intercom, smart home, smart public building, smart hotel, smart transportation, smart medical care. With the ability to provide customers “one-stop IoT technology platform services”, covering product intelligence, cloud services and mobile terminals and application service closed loop.

An International GVS

 With its headquartered located in Guangzhou, China, the company has set up an user experience center in Shanghai, a technology innovation center in Frankfurt and a North American operation center in San Francisco. As an international corporation, GVS is taking advantage of excellent marketing, R&D resources of both the Chinese great bay area along the Pearl River and the Greater Bay Area in San Francisco to grow fast, in the end benefiting its clients all over the world.

GVS Style

  GVS Group is a 400 high-tech talents team, with professional IOT server , including big data, cloud services, light artificial intelligence team and senior core product research and development personnel, 120 people, maintain a good cooperative relationship with industry-leading real estate developers. , brand owners, integrators and rail transit, medical care, pension institutions, etc.

Industry Standard Maker

    In the past 20 years, GVS Group has led an international standard and two national standards with an excellent talent team, strong technical research and development strength, high-quality product services and standardized operation management, and independently developed a protocol stack based on the standard KNX protocol.

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