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About Shenzhen Lamp

We believe…

We, Shenzhen LAMP Technology, believe that quality and customers’ need can be achieved and satisfied only with high & whole-hearted dedication, and persistence in pursuing high performance of products & services has long been planted deep in our core values.

15 Years /500 Displays per year / Over 90 countries

Founded in 2004, LAMP Tech are delivering approximately 500 screens of different sizes and applications to our clients, and all these projects are shining and delivering magnificent videos throughout the world. These screens have been installed or being used in more than 90 countries either by our distributors, or by some local brand owners that have been doing business with us ever since LAMP was founded.

Quality Assurance At Its High Level

Strictly according to the statistics from the Quality Assurance Committee, we are receiving less than 0.006% quality complaint of noticeable defects: among about 500 displays per year that we are building for our clients, we are receiving about 3 quality complaints each year from them, apart from some minor problems that our clients may encounter, which are usually fixed through telephone communications by our after-sales services teams.


Currently, LAMP Tech has developed various products and solutions, some of which are unique in the global market. Besides the regular led screens such as fixed installation and rental screens, we are ahead of our competitors in the following products and solutions such as

EMC compliance — TUV certified screens, both in Class A and Class B;

  • ETL compliant – we passed the formality by ETL certification authority in 2009, and have been under strict inspection and supervision by such organization;
  • Finest pixel pitch led screens in the world: P1.5mm, P1.8mm, P2.0mm & P2.5mm, and has achieved great popularity and generated great sales with these unique products;
  • Finest pixel pitch and magnificent outdoor curtain screens in the world: P9 outdoor curtain screen, P10.41mm curtain screen, and so on;
  • Probably the thinnest and spectacular die-cast cabinet for indoor products with the pixel pitches of P4mm, P5mm, P6mm & P10mm, etc;
  • A completely flexible product that enables users to form a complete circle easily;

A Dynamic Company — 300 loyal & professional employees

LAMP Tech has about 300 professional employees, and a big number of them have been with LAMP Tech ever since it was founded in the year of 2004. It is this fact that greatly contributes to LAMP Tech’s being different from our competitors in this industry.

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