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About Darmon

Company Profile

Since 1994 Dianming Tech Co., Ltd. (former COSHIP Electronics Co., Ltd.) has been establishing us as a leading manufacturer of LED lighting/VMS/DMS for traffic management and full color LED display in China and worldwide.

After years of efforts, Dianming has been making many significant breakthroughs and independently developed and launched a number of market-tested lighting products, including LED street lights, LED high bay, LED tunnel lights, LED flood lights, LED high mast, etc. Our featured G3 Street Lights series are  DLC, TUV, SAA, CE listed. Now we offer not only LED illuminators and accessories but also complete solutions for outdoor applications, with solar energy and intelligent control system compatibility.

As an ISO9001/ISO14001 certified company, we are proud to have the advantages in materials selection, mechanical design, assembling technology and quality management & control system. With all experience of producing high performance equipment and software, we have expanded our product range to LED application provision as below:

● Outdoor LED lighting fixture (Street light, High Bay, High mast, Wall pack)

● Architectural lighting project.

● VMS/DMS for traffic management.

● Full color LED display for commercial advertising.

● Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise.

As a customer-oriented company, Dianming creates a flexible working style and develops tailor-made products for customer’s individual requirement. By persistently and positively contribute products and services, we will continue to deliver value to our customers and repay the society as a responsible enterprise citizen. That’s what we’ve been doing every day since 1994.

Values & Brand

DIANMING wants to contribute for an energy-saving world by offering every customer with premium LED products.

We put customer’s interest as our priority. With this essential corporate philosophy, all DARMON members team up as dynamic parts and forces, to strive for offering LED application products with superior performance and ever increasing reliability. By learning to the best in the industry and focusing on R&D everyday, it keeps us move toward to the higher quality standard a little bit in each day.

Our goal is to become customer’s primary choice when they consider LED products from detail-focused processing and patented design.

Each and every DIANMING’s employee is committed to creating and developing premium LED products without compromise. The never-ending innovation will keep us always dive to offer better product and service with 100% supportive attitude. And the team work spirit keeps us deliver the best as we could on a organizational level.

We understand that the service quality is all about focusing on details and being human-sensitive. Creative thinking results the customized style for every customer in our daily work.

DIANMING, an Asian world manufacturer who ensures adherence to the utmost quality standard in China LED industry.


03-2018 Successfully passed EN12966 certification
09-2017 In the third South China Intelligent Transportation Forum, DIANMING was awarded
“Top Ten Intelligent Transportation Performance Enterprise of Guangdong Province in 2016”
 All-in-one solar street lights enter the international market
12-2015 Dianming is listed on the new third board.
02-2015 US branch office has been set up in Los Angeles.
12-2014 Passed 3C and CB certification for Dianming down lights.
Rewarded as “Customer satisfied enterprises of China’s electronic information
industry in 2014”.
09-2014 Passed CQC Energy Saving Certification for Dianming tunnel lights.
08-2014 Passed TUV certification for Dianming street lights.
07-2014 Obtained permission for Dianming street lights to be featured in Guangdong
LED- BMT products catalogue.
06-2014 Passed CQC Energy Saving Certification for Dianming street lights
05-2014 Passed EN12966 certification for Dianming VMS.
Obtained city and road lighting professional contracting qualification.
03-2014 Rewarded as “Trusted Enterprise”.
01-2014 Obtained permission for Dianming tunnel lights to be featured in Guangdong
LED- BMT products catalogue.
06-2013 Our wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Dianming Energy Conservation Investment Co.,
ltd. has been set up.
09-2012 Rewarded as a National High and New Technology Enterprise.
08-2012 Dianming’s VMS have been used on 600+ highways domestic and abroad.
01-2012 Became a council for China Transportation Information Industry magazine.
09-2011 Passed Project Construction and Installation Certification from China Ministry
of Transportation.
08-2011 Being selected into Guangdong Recommend Green Lights Directory
06-2011 Passed ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.
03-2011 Rewarded as 2011 China CAQP brand.
09-2010 Shenzhen Dianming Technology Co., ltd has been set up.
Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.
09-2010 Shenzhen Dianming Technology Co., ltd has been set up.
Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.
05-2009 Awarded as “Outstanding LED Enterprise of the year” from China Electronics News and
China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association.
04-2009 Awarded as “Outstanding Enterprise of China Transportation Industry 10th Aniversary”
from China Transportation Information Industry magazine.
08-2008 Being selected into China CAQP as a national renowned brand.
06-2008 Participated in national standards establishment for high way LED VMS.
12-2007 Achieved zero accident for two consecutive years, 100% customer satisfaction rate
and timely service rate.
03-2007 Newly developed high power LED tunnel light has passed tests.
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